26 July 2019

TonyLACES releases new Reggaeton hit Can’t Let Me Down

Italian DJ & Producer TonyLaces releases his new single “Can’t Let Me Down”, out today for DanceOnline / Sony Music Italy, one of the most respected Italian labels, focused on dance music.

17 July 2019

DJ Matrix headlines the Sports-Wear event with TonyLACES

Italian DJ & Producer TonyLACES rocked the stage at the new Sport-Wear event during the well known “Ferrock Music Festival” in Vicenza (Italy).

20 June 2019

Opening party of the new WorkIT format was a blast in Bologna

The Italian city known for the two towers and the tasty “Mortadella Bologna” hosted the opening party of the new Hip-Hop/Reggaeton/Dance format “WorkIT”.

17 June 2019

TonyLACES steps in for the Spring Break Invasion Remember Party at Baia Imperiale

Whats the best thing to do after a party? Well, just do another party!

Check out some pictures of the event

26 May 2019

TonyLACES highlights Spring Break Invasion Boat Party

As a reward for being one of the winners of the DJ contest at the Spring Break Academy, Italian DJ & Producer TonyLACES performed in one of the official Spring Break boat parties.

21 May 2019

Year 99′ vibes in the new mashup by TonyLACES Barraca Of My Castle

The latest mashup by Italian DJ & Producer TonyLACES mixes up the iconic track King Of My Castle from WamDue Project (recently remixed by the producer Keanu Silva) and the latest hit single by Garmiani “Barraca”.