A beautiful experience at ADE 2019 for TonyLACES

There are places in the world that really resembles something you can describe with words. You have to be there to feel it. Amsterdam every year, for a whole week in October, becomes the world capital of Electronic Music.

The Amsterdam Dance Event 2019 was a great opportunity to make connections with fellow deejays and producers, play in some of the clubs of the town and participate in experiences you really can’t find somewhere else.

From listening to Meduza playing live for a crowd of 30 people, in a suggesting venue, to be at Vini Vici’s AMF event, the whole week was amazing, and a good thing, business wise, for the recently opened deejays and producers agency Loola Studios

A lot of deejays took part in the Ancestrale Art & Management and Billboard Radio China event at 50Heartz club, which saw artist from the likes of Martin Garrix right arm Blinders, Flaremode, Gary Caos, Jean Marie, Georgia Mos, Alex Pizzuti perform on stage, as well as TonyLACES with an unusual Deep House set.

If you want to visit the official TonyLACES page on Amsterdam Dance Event 2019 Official Website, click on the button below.